Borax Powder 50gm Zepto Basic (100%) (Disinfectant)

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Borax Powder 50gm Zepto Basic (100%) (Disinfectant) – Zepto Brand


Borax Powder 50gm is a soft white crystal that dissolves easily in water.

  1. Used as an aid to your carpet cleaning machine. Just add 1/2 cup of Borax per gallon of water.
  2. Pour one box of Borax into the toilet bowl and leave overnight. You’ll see amazing results the next day!
  3. Clean mold and mildew. Mix one cup of Borax with one quart of hot water. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray on mold and mildew until it is saturated. Wait several hours, then rinse thoroughly.
  4. Clean the floor. Put one-fourth cup of Borax and one-half cup of ZeptoBasics vinegar into a bucket. Fill it up with hot water. Add a small amount of Zepto dish soap. Use the solution to mop your floors.
  5. Used as an all-purpose cleaner. This is one of the most common Borax uses. Mix two tablespoons of borax with two cups of water. Mix the solution in a spray bottle, and you have your very own all-purpose cleaner.
  6. Borax removes rust. Mix Borax with warm water and ZeptoBasics Citric Acid to create a paste. Then, apply to the area with rust.
  7. Used in cleaning outdoor furniture. Combine Borax with warm water and Zepto dish soap. Place the solution in a spray bottle then start spot cleaning.
  8. Clear clogged drains. Borax is a much less toxic alternative to regular drain cleaners. Pour 3.5 oz (100 mg) of Borax down the drain, then add 13.5 fl oz (around 400 ml) of boiling water. Let sit at least 15 minutes and flush with several more cups of boiling water. If necessary repeat until the obstruction is gone.
  9. Get rid of urine smell. Borax is very effective at removing persistent urine odors from a mattress. So, if your kid has wet the bed, dampen the problem area, rub it with Borax, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the solution once everything has dried off.
  10. Keep windows and mirrors stain-free. Add 1 tbsp of Borax to 10 fl oz (300 ml) of water, soak a clean sponge in the solution and give your mirrors and windows a nice wash.
  11. Disinfect the garbage disposal. To keep nasty bacteria and mold buildup at bay, give your garbage disposal unit some TLC every two weeks. Just pour 3 tbsp of borax down the drain, leave it there for around one hour, and flush with hot water afterward.
  12. Make (crazy cheap) DIY laundry soap. You’ll need just Borax, ZeptoBasics baking soda, and a bar of Fels-Naptha.

Just start using this and find the extensive amount of things you can do with it.

Visit this link to learn more about the amazing things you can do with Borax.

Great uses for Borax


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